Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Chapter 3d: Wystia at the Well

Wystia moved the wooden bucket to her other hand so she could be near her best friend Lindsy. Every day they went to the well in the mornings, and afternoons, each of them filling their buckets to bring back to their homes. Getting water was just one of the many chores forced on them by their parents. Her pa said it built character, but she didn’t see what character had to do with lugging the heavy bucket. Whenever possible, they tried to do this chore together. They were inseparable, sharing all of their secrets and dreams with one another. Wystia would do anything for Lindsy, and Lindsy would do anything for Wystia. They were the best of friends.

As they walked on the cobblestone road she leaned her head against her friend's shoulder and in a dreamy sigh said, "Do you think Kyle is handsome?"

Lindsy pushed Wystia's head off her shoulder and giggled. "Why Wist, I can't believe you're getting all starry-eyed over some brute of a boy."

Wystia stopped walking. Her face skewered into a mock frown as she put both hands on her hips, the bucket making the movement awkward. "Kyle is not a brute. Nor is he a boy. He is a young man and a gentleman."

"He told you that did he?"

They laughed as they reached the well. Wystia set her bucket on the stone lip while Lindsy tied hers to a rope lowered it down into the dark hole. The well handle rhythmically squeeked as she turned the old thing. They continued talking about Kyle's many charms as the bucket filled with water and Lindsy pulled it back up.

When the bucket reached the top, she grabbed its lip and set it on the edge of the well. As she untied the rope from the handle she made a sour face and put her nose over the bucket, sniffing the water. "Yuk. The water has a stink about it."

Not believing her friend, Wystia stuck her nose to the edge of the bucket and took a sniff. "I don't smell…wait….yeah, there's a little smell, but it's not all that bad."

Lindsy's eyes widened with shock. "Not that bad. Oh Gods. My father's feet don't smell this bad."

Wystia giggled at her friend, which made her friend giggle. The joke about her father's feet was used often, but it never got old.

"Oh, come on, Lindsy. It's not that bad. Let’s just get this chore over with and then we can go and sneak peaks at Kyle."

With a lopsided grin, Lindsy said, "After our little talk about Mr. 'gentleman' Kyle I suppose I do need to have another look at the strapping young man to see if I may have missed something."

"Well, don't be lookin' at my man too much. I don't want you getting any ideas." Wystia tied her bucket to the rope and began lowering it into the well.

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